Monday, 13 February 2017

Our last container has arrived ...

          It's always an exciting time at The Good House when a new shipment arrives. The quality of the goods our overseas suppliers keep producing never ceases to amaze us. This time the cargo is a mix of floor boards, stair treads and balustrades, and internal doors, the whole of it in French oak of the highest grade.

Solid French oak wide boards

          The flooring is a batch of custom made solid oak 220 mm wide boards in random length up to 5 meters. Given the exceptional length , the boards were packed loose in the container, and the 500 m2 of oak floor are filling up the storage with the unmistakable fragrance of solid oak !

Solid oak stair treads, balustrades and posts

          TGH routinely supplies stair treads and risers, however the components for this particular project are truly impressive in their size: the stair treads are 2.5m long, 300mm wide and 50mm thick. As for the posts they are simply massive: 250x250mm, and up to 4m long... all in certified French oak ...!

Solid French oak stair posts

Details of the treads and balustrades

          Treads and balustrade components have pencil round edges, and all treads are made of a single, 300mm wide piece of solid oak !
          As for the doors, they truly deserve a post of their own, that we will publish very soon ... !

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Beautiful things come in small package ... again at The Good House ...

          In the older part of Armadale, designer Sarah Healy has crafted a love nest that includes all the ingredients and tricks a place can use to keep you inside, no matter how loud the outer world is calling for you.

          At The Good House, we truly enjoy cooperating in projects where only the best can do. Our Chevron parquet was factory finished in a medium walnut stained oil, and got a final coat of clear oil on site to provide that subtle sheen one would expect from genuine French oak flooring and furniture.

          The chevron blades were custom made to fit the width of the hallway leading to the kitchen / living open space. Our service includes providing a CAD drawing of the layout, so as to minimize waste and ensure the client is happy with the pattern, its general direction and the possible use of borders.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Timber flooring quality that shows ...

     There are those companies chasing awards and recognition from their pairs; or those claiming the largest project, largest stock, largest this or that … At The Good House we claim offering our clients the best quality for their budget, and we have done so for the last 18 years.

     This chevron parquet in a Nicholas Day designed house is a testimony that quality stands out, and doesn't happen by chance, but by a sustained effort towards the best possible results.

     Traditional tongue and groove construction allows for a discreet but stylish bevel, and the lightly smoked finish enhances the natural features of French oak. 

     And if you ever wondered what is the cost of such a magnificent floor, just remember the old saying: "save money, buy quality …"


Monday, 14 November 2016

How far can we go ?

It is always tempting to push the boundaries of traditional design and parquetry is not immune of this tendency. The French leached grey finish, so popular over the last 3 years, is a good example of that trend(see our previous post). Wide herringbone pattern is another example, here is what it looks like in a simple renovation in the heart of Windsor.

Natural oil on top of a brushed finish provides a contrasting rustic feel in this sophisticated interior.
The simple question that comes to mind is how far we can go with the width and length of herringbone boards, that once used to be 65 x 390mm only!

The photos show boards that are 150mm in width, and 900mm in length, and you may have already noticed that the length has to be a multiple of the width, usually 6 or 7 times. It keeps the pattern more orderly when you look at it from a 45 degree angle, and also helps for installation, making it easy to check alignment of boards across different rows.

As for the question about the width, as a manufacturer we would advise not to go wider than 150mm if you want to use solid timber, but we can supply boards up to 220mm wide, either in solid or engineered type. That said, the beauty of traditional parquetry has always resided in high grade narrow boards with a fine polish and low sheen.

With technology now allowing strict control of the moisture content, indeed nowadays the limit is your imagination !

Friday, 12 August 2016

Herringbone parquet floor - Classic or Contemporary ?

          This recently completed project in Brighton aptly raises the question as it entails traditional Tongue & Groove Herringbone blades in a rather modern setting with a trendy and subdued leached grey finish.
          The blades are 125mm wide, 750mm long, and are outlined with a micro-bevel. Larger width, bevel and factory finishes are features only rendered possible by the T&G manufacturing type, which also is the traditional way parquetry was always made in Europe, be it in the French castles of the Renaissance period, or in 19th century Paris apartments.
          Please review the pictures below and decide for yourself. At The Good House, we believe a parquetry floor is simply timeless !
Coming home to the warmth of a French oak floor ..!

Friday, 29 July 2016

In the News Papers ….

The French Provincial style of private residence is more popular than ever and is taking Melbourne Eastern suburbs by storm. No wonder then that local media got interested as well, and have tried to understand this phenomenon a bit more.
Therefore The Good House was a logical source of information for journalist Charlotte Durut.
 Click here to read her article in the Leader Newspapers.

And see for yourself below an example of simple and symmetrical classical French design..!
If you are in the process of designing your next French chateau... give us a ring ..!

Friday, 27 May 2016

Versailles panels the floor of choice for French Provincial design

The French Provincial or French inspired style is taking some of Melbourne leafy suburbs by storm. To be honest, as a grumpy old Frenchman I feel often ashamed of the final look. Enter now Trevor Mitchell and Ivan Pantovic from MARQUE Property Group into the high end segment of the market and everything changes for the best! The Good House is proud of being part of this success, having supplied the solid French oak Versailles parquet for this luxury display home.
The Good House also supplied the farmhouse limestone fireplace.

Our panels are made of genuine solid French oak, precision machined to ensure installation is a breeze. All components are connected to each others by tongues and grooves, the traditional manufacturing process that allows for these panels to be installed on any sub-floor, including joists or battens.

Camembert soon to be on the cheese board and,.. ... the Boeuf Bourguignon is in the pot !

Factory standard finish is fine sanded with bevel. Custom finishes include wire brushing, smoking (light or heavy), heat treatment (for a very dark result), and stain + oil coating.

Note the installation with shuttle blocks between panels.

The "Petit Versailles" panel is 600 x 600 mm, and the "Grand Versailles" is 866 x 866 mm. The Good House can also supply custom sizes up to 980 x 980 mm, as well as the equally stunning Chantilly and a string of made-to-order designs.